Emergency Services

General Emergency Services in Civil Air Patrol

Search and Rescue

Emergency Services has been a part of the Civil Air Patrol since its hayday in the 40's.

Perhaps best known for its Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts, CAP now flies more than 85 percent of all federal inland SAR missions as directed by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at Langley AFB, Virginia. Outside of the continental United States, CAP supports the Joint Rescue Coordination Centers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Just how effective are the CAP missions? More than 100 people are saved by CAP members every year! CAP also plays its role in Disaster Relief Operations. CAP provides air and ground transportation, and an extensive communications network. They fly disaster relief officials to remote locations, and support local, state and national disaster relief organizations with manpower, leadership and other valuable and needed resources.

Search and Rescue Teamwork Closely related to disaster relief is CAP's support of humanitarian missions. Usually in support of the Red Cross, CAP air crews transport time - sensitive medical materials including blood and human tissue in situations where other means of transportation are not possible.

It's hardly surprising that CAP performs several missions in direct support of the U.S. Air Force. Specifically, CAP conducts damage assessment, radiological monitoring, light transportation, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys.

Ground Teams

Civil Air Patrol Ground Teams and Urban Direction Finding Teams provide a fantastic training opportunity for cadets and seniors. Team members train at three levels GTM 3, GTM 2, and GTM 1. Each level prepares the member to work in the field for a few hours, 24 hours and up to 72 hours.

Air Crews

Aircrew personnel include our Mission Pilots, Observers, Scanners, Aerial Photographers, and Flightline Marshallers. The safe and affective operation of our aircraft is essential when CAP provides aerial Search and Rescue or aerial Communications support to the New Mexico SAR/DR community.