Senior Adult Program

DSC_0554We are always in need of dedicated and hard working volunteers. Membership in Civil Air Patrol is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

There are several membership categories available to fit your desires, needs and experience: Cadet Membership, Flight Officers, Senior Officers, Enlisted (former or active duty military), Aerospace Education Member, Cadet Sponsor Member (Parents), and Business Member (organization). 

The general conditions to become a Senior Member are primarily, you need to be 18 or over and promise to obey the decisions of those in authority and to follow and adhere to the appropriate regulations and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Civil Air Patrol.

Senior membership in CAP is a privilege reserved for those individuals who conscientiously desire to promote the objectives and purposes of CAP and who meet the eligibility requirements. This privilege may be enjoyed as long as the member observes and complies with the CAP Constitution and Bylaws and other governing directives. The most common types of membership are listed below.

Active Members are the most common type. A member who regularly attends meetings, performs a specific duty  assignment, meets training requirements and participates in the activities of his or her unit. An active member may wear the CAP uniform and compete for grade advancement, Assignment and Duty Status.

Cadet sponsor member (CSM) is a membership category established to allow parents, grandparents and guardians of current CAP cadets to assist their unit’s cadet program by providing adult supervision, transportation, overnight chaperons and any other CADET related tasks deemed necessary and proper by the unit commander.